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Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 11-15, 2019:

        This week we finished Unit 4-The Green Fern Zoo, and started Unit 5-Kate’s Book.  Students read and answered questions to the first story, “A Letter from Kate”. We worked more on verb tenses and how to write them.  If they have a short vowel sound and one consonant at the end you double the consonant and add the ending.

        In math we continued Unit 4 with lesson 18.  Students continued working with place value.  We worked with using a number chart to add up by skip counting and how to find patterns in the chart.

        We started our Social Studies unit on community this week.  Students learned what a community is: a place where people work, play and live.  We also started learning how to use maps to find places.  Students found North, East, South and West in the room and where able to follow directional words to find a destination. 

        The leprechaun visited us Thursday night and made a mess in our classroom!  He turned things upside down, spilled things and just made mischief.  At least he was nice enough to leave everyone some of his pot of gold!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


        Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cobb