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Weekly Newsletter

Week of November 5-9, 2018:

          We continued Unit 2 in Skills.  Students read and answered questions out of our reader Gran.  We read “The Swim Meet” and “At the Reef”.  Students worked with more long vowel sounds.  We have been using silent –e at the end of words to make –i and –o long.   They did pop-out chaining by using letter cards to form words.  Students got a letter card, were told a word and had to come up to the front of the room with their cards to spell that word.  We then said the magic word (alakazam!) and the magic –e changed the short vowel word to a long vowel word.

          In math we did some more review and then took the end of unit test.  We will be starting Unit 2 next week.  It will begin with doubles facts and doubles +1.  Please make sure to keep practicing facts at home for the weekly fluency tests.

          We continued working with our science unit on simple machines.  Students used different objects to look at how force works and how we can measure it.  They broke into two groups.  One group looked at toy trucks, pull yo-yos and wooden rollers to see how pushing and pulling demonstrate force.  The other group learned how to use a spring scale to measure force.  We used two different sized weights and the objects from the other group to show how force is pulling the hook on the scale down.  The groups switched and we discussed how force is the energy used to pull or push an object.


          *Monday, November 12th- No School- Veteran’s Day


          Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cobb