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Weekly Newsletter

Week of January 14-18, 2019:

          This week we continued Unit 3- Fables, during Skills.  Students read and answered questions about; “The Dog and the Ox” and “The Fox and the Grapes”.  We worked on the /aw/ sound spelled with –aw as in paw.  Students reviewed verb tenses (past, present and future) and common and proper nouns.

          In math we continued Unit 2 with lesson 11.  In this lesson, students used addition tables to find patterns.  These patterns made adding much faster and easier.  They then could use the addition facts to write subtraction sentences.  Next week we will be reviewing and taking the end of unit test.

           We continued our CATCH lessons which are all about health and wellness.  This week’s lessons were: Let’s Eat Some Fruits and Vegetables!, Sugary WHOA Beverages and Let’s Go!

          Students started a new domain in Listen & Learn: Animals and Habitats.  It goes along with our new science kit about plant and animal habitats.  We did some work learning about what a habitat is and what living and nonliving things are.  Students met Rattenborough, our guide that takes us through some of the habitats around the world.  We used “blubber” and ice water to see how the arctic animals have adapted to such a cold environment.  Ask your child what the experiment was!

          *Monday, January 21st- No School-

                                Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day



          Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cobb