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Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 13-17, 2019:

        This week we continued Unit 6- Grace.  We read and answered questions to: “In the Storm Shelter”, “The Visit”, “The Soccer Game”, “Supper” and “Grace the Performer”.  Students worked more on pronouns.

        In math we did some work with shapes and solid figures.  Shapes are called plane shapes because they are flat.  Solid figures are three-dimensional. Students also partitioned shapes into equal parts.  We then took those equal parts and started talking about fractions.

        We finished Domain 7- The History of the Earth, in Listen & Learn this week.  Students learned about the three types of rocks; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  We discussed dinosaurs and fossils, and even made our own seashell fossils!  Students participated in science stations about minerals.  They had to sort minerals and measure their weight and length.  Students observed minerals closely and use a streak test to determine what kind of mineral they were.  We also found properties of minerals by using magnets and even tested to see if they could conduct electricity!

        *No School- Friday, May 24th- Memorial Day Holiday


Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Cobb