Announcement Form

HS Announcement Form

Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School gladly accepts announcement requests from faculty and staff. To maintain the integrity and quality of information relayed to our student body, please submit all announcements for approval using this form. 

Announcements are submitted to the High School Building Secretary as well as the Communications Office.

Announcements are read on the building’s PA system after the first bell each morning and scroll on our building monitors throughout the school day.

If you would like your submission to be included in the morning announcements, please be sure to submit your request by 7:30 a.m. that morning. Additionally, please keep in mind that submissions are read over the PA sytstem verbatim – submissions should be typed exactly as you’d like the announcement to be read aloud.

Announcement Request Form:

Your Name:

Your Contact Email:
(for any clarification from HS Office)

Dates to Be Read:
(Please Include Days of the Week)

Academic Department / Club / Sport:
(i.e. English Dept / Spanish Club / Varsity Track)

Detailed Announcement:

I have read over my submission to ensure that all names, dates, times, locations, facts, and other pertinent information is accurate. I understand that this announcement is subject to approval by the High School Main Office.