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Village of Clyde
Located along the Erie Canal in central New York, the village's rich A Flag in Clyde Village Park history is intimately connected to this famous waterway.  As a major source of transportation, many industries and businesses sought to take advantage of Clyde's access to the canal and set up shop within the village.  As railroads began to replace the canal, factories still came to Clyde to take advantage of its location between the cities of Syracuse and Rochester. Always proud to call themselves a "small village", this community has never forgotten its treasured past. And the members of the community will be sure to hold onto to its history as they move into their treasured future.

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Town of Savannah

Located along the tracks of the old New York Central Railroad, the Town of Savannah has beenA Patriotic Display in the Town of Savannah home to families and business for generations going all the way back to 1854 when it was the Village of Savannah.  With its proximity to the unique natural landscapes created by the woodland marshes and wetlands near Crusoe Island, Savannah has been a wildlife destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.  A chance to visit the Audubon Montezuma Center, a major stopping point for migratory birds on the Atlantic Flyway, is a opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

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