Nutrition Programs

Elementary Nutrition Programs

In response to the areas in need of improvement identified with the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT), the following nutrition education will be offered Pre-K-5 in the Clyde-Savannah Central School District.




·         Donna Riviello, Director of Food Service- once a month lessons on fruit and vegetables that correspond with the color that they are learning about; taste tests




·         Discover MyPlate! Curriculum:  Students are introduced to the five food group friends through song, games, and hands on activities.  Lessons evolve with topics on healthy meals, the importance of breakfast, physical activity, and where fruits and vegetables come from.


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First Grade:


·         Serving Up MyPlate, A Yummy Curriculum: Aligned with both ELA and Math Common Core Standards, this USDA curriculum provides “Courses” for the students to work through as they learn what it means to be healthy and eat healthy, why it’s important to select from all food groups, and what foods should be limited and why. 


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Second Grade:


·         Serving Up MyPlate, A Yummy Curriculum:  Following the Courses outlined above, students dive deeper and get “extra helpings” that includes tracking fruit and vegetable intake, analyzing menus, performing skits, and creating posters.


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Third Grade:


·        Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness:The curriculum taught by Cornell Cooperative Educators, use experiential learning to teach healthy eating and active play. Each lesson include an Anchor that connects with children’s experience or interests, some new information to Add, a chance to Apply this new information and an Away, a goal setting challenge for the children to sue the new information in their daily lives. Each lesson also includes interactive nutrition activities, food preparation and taste testing, active games, a goal setting challenge, and a family newsletter. 


o   Series of 6 lessons taught weekly by a Cornell Nutrition Educator, Susan Coyle, December 2014 through February 2015


Fourth Grade:


·         Serving UP My Plate, a Yummy Curriculum: Students discover nutrition, explain their understandings, and reflect upon their experiences—to create a lasting awareness of what it means to be healthy.  Through common core aligned “Courses” children will learn how food choices can help you stay healthy, why it’s important to eat from a variety of food groups, and how to make healthy substitutions. Students will dive deeper through scavenger hunts, experiments, guest speakers, and school to home activities.


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·         Wegmans Eat Well Live Well Field Trip: to take what they have been learning in the classroom and experience a real world connection to the material students will visit a local Wegmans store and participate in hands on activities like measuring portion sizes, sampling nutritious foods, and completing a nutrition treasure hunt. Students will leave with information and samples to share with their families.


o   April 7


o   April 21


o   April 28




Fifth Grade:


·         Serving UP My Plate, a Yummy Curriculum: An emphasis is placed on the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle as students learn about choices that they can personally make to be and stay healthy. Through a series of “Courses,” students will personalize the information and advocate for others through projects like creating a billboard or a news station to spread the word about the importance of fruits and vegetables.


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Middle School/High School
Health Education classes have a revised nutrition curriculum based on the results of the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool. (HECAT) Modules have been designed to incorporate more analysis of food regulations, laws, and policies that influence personal food choices. Following the National Health Education Standards and the New York State Navigate by the Stars model students will:
  • Analyze and evaluate their personal diets 
  • Set goals to improve their current diet based on the U.S. Dietary Guidelines 
  • Practice communication skills to effectively avoid unhealthy food choices
  • Explore how peers and culture influence their food choices
  • Evaluate the validity of nutrition information to make the most informed decisions regarding their food choices.  

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