The choral music program at the Middle-Senior High School is very active.  The senior high chorus has participated in Singing Festival Competitions and traveled to such places as:  Boston, NY City, Toronto, Washington D.C., Florida, The Bahamas and even Los Angeles California!  In all of the competitions that the chorus students have participated in they have received excellent and outstanding ratings from judges.

The other huge musical extravaganza that the chorus participates in is the Annual Variety Show.  Students sing, dance, act and even do commercials for this show.  Students who are not in the choral music program are also welcome to audition to get into this fun-filled show.  The Variety Show is traditionally sold-out with more than 500 people from the community attending.

For more information regarding the Choral Music Program at the Middle-Senior High School contact:

Mrs. Rebecca Pezzulo, (315)902-3050 -  

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