Medication Policies/Medical Concerns

NYS Medication Regulations and Medication Forms

Injuries can happen at any time.Info on Medications at School and Health Concerns


Due to changes in the state law, the school physician is no longer able to prescribe over-the-counter medications commonly used in the Health Office for all students.  If your child should require medications during school hours, all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications (including cough drops, caladryl, antibiotic ointments, throat sprays etc...) will need a doctor's order and written permission from you the parent.  Medications MUST be brought to the school by an adult, and be in the original container. (No envelops, or baggies).  You can find a link for medication permissions that you may copy, bring to your physician and return to the Health Office. 

Health Concerns:

It is important that the Health Office is aware of any medical issues your child may have.  Please contact the school nurse if you child has a history of any of the following medical concerns such as: asthma, diabetes, seizures, allergies (bee stings, food) or any other  medical condition your child may have.  An explanation of your child's condition, reaction or sign and symptoms is also important.  Please notify your school nurse as soon as possible regarding any health concerns and provide us with updates throughout the year.

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