Katy Broach

2015 Annual Wayne Arts High School Art Show Highlights the Best of CS

Every year, Mr. King and Dr. Lane select the best artwork from their high school students to display at the Wayne County Council for the Arts High School Exhibition. This year was no exception and the artwork was exceptional. A visitor to the show remarked on how high the overall quality of the work from Clyde-Savannah was. The artwork is sophisticated and reflects skill.

Clyde-Savannah students were invited to a field trip to visit the exhibition. Rachel Laboda expressed the feeling of many students who attended that trip by saying “I just love going to that cute art gallery and see the artwork, I look forward to it every year.”

Unfortunately, the exhibition has closed. However, if you want to see the great artwork displayed at the exhibition, plus some new great works, come in during Moving Up Day.

Students who won awards at the Wayne County High School Art Exhibition include

  • Katy Broach: 1st Place 3D (Octopus Sculpture) & 2nd Place 3-D (Lizard Pottery)
  • Jianyi Tang: 1st Place 2-D (Pastel Lion) & Honorable Mention (Acrylic Painting of a City)
  • Jennifer Williams: 2nd Place 2D (Adobe Illustrator - Katniss)
  • Alicia Homan: Honorable Mention (Photography)

 Jianyi Tang Jennifer Williams










Alicia Homan















Some other photos from the event....

Nikki Wright

Araya Dincher


Elizabeth Payne 












Courtney Bowen









2014 Annual Wayne Arts High School Art Exhibition Highlights the Best of CS

Artwork from 30 of Clyde-Savannah High School's top artists were displayed at the Annual Wayne County High School Art Exhibition located at 108 West Miller Street in Newark, New York. Since few students were able to attend the opening reception, Mr. King, Dr. Lane, Mrs. Flesch, and Mr. Murray took senior high students to see the exhibit. Students spent time looking at the artwork made by their peers from CS and other schools in the county. In addition, they saw an exhibition of Dr. Lane's artwork. A wide variety of work including drawings, pastels, watercolors, digital art, and photographs were exhibited as part of the CS section. 

Students were very impressed with the level of quality and creative ideas expressed in the exhibits and began thinking about what they might like to create for next year's show.

Clyde-Savannah students who won awards include: 

  • Best of School: Vanessa Flesch, 
  • First Places: Angelica Davis and Jianyi Tang, 
  • Honorable Mention: Annika Atherton


Art Students Visit HWS Davis Gallery

Computer Art, Digital Media, and Photography students visited Hobart William Smith Colleges' Davis Gallery to see an exhibit by Will Wilson. Will Wilson created a series of portraits using the same Collodion Wet Plate photographic process that photographers used during the Civil War era. While his subjects are people from our time, the unique photographic process that he used created the illusion those people lived hundreds of years ago. We were privileged to have Dr. Mathews, Associate Professor of Art and Architecture and Will Wilson's former teacher, to guide us through the exhibit and explain the artist's techniques and intent.














In addition, Kathryn Vaughn Visual Arts Curator, guided us through a student mural project where students replicated ancient Egyptian tomb paintings in the basement of the Houghton House.



For more information, visit the Davis Gallery site at


Winners of the 2012 Clyde-Savannah Art Exhibition - Click here to view the slide show 

New Mural at the Clyde-Elementary


A group of elementary and high school students from the Clyde-Savannah school district worked together on a mural that is now displayed at the Clyde-Savannah elementary school. Dr. Susan Lane, the high school art teacher, led the project. Local businesses and school groups including Secor Lumber who donated the boards, Clyde Hardware who provided a discount on primer, and the PTO who paid for the paint, helped to defer the cost of the project. The mural was designed to reflect the mission and purpose of the elementary school while providing an inspirational image to welcome visitors.

High school students from the Clyde-Savannah’s Independent Art class and students from grades K-5 submitted drawings for the mural. With the help of their teacher, the Independent Art students pulled out ideas and images from the 41 drawings, examined the district mission, school goals, and the artwork of Peter Max and Keith Haring . The ideas and images were synthesized to create a new design reminiscent of the Pop art style and that captured the essence of the elementary school and district.

All the elements within the mural have meaning. For instance,

  • “Think, work, play, and compete” were included to represent the school district’s mission that each student receive a “21st century learning experience that develops mastery of the skills needed to think, work, play, and compete within a global community.”
  • The earth symbolizes the global community.
  • Children participating in various activities represent the experiences that will develop mastery.
  • “CS ROCKS” was included to remind students of the district’s expectation that everyone be respectful and responsible, organized and on track, caring and a good citizen, kind, and safe.
  • The rays of purple and yellow represent the school colors and also hope, growth, and the energy to succeed.
  • Neutral colors of white, black, and gray, were used for the children to represent all students.
  • The golden eagle is the school district’s mascot but also was included to symbolize strength, courage, and the freedom to follow your dreams.

Elementary students who helped by contributing ideas and painting included

  • Tanner Brown
  • Marsala Cinquegrana
  • Zoey Donk
  • Annabelle Eyrick
  • Cydney Gromsoke
  • Erin Mann
  • Madison P. Miller
  • Cheyenne Nickles
  • Julia Secor

High school students who helped by contributing ideas and painting included

  • Aubrey Below
  • Kyle Bloomer
  • Kyle DeLisio
  • Jennifer Gill
  • Marleigh Glasheen
  • Shelby LaClair
  • Alex Marro
  • Richard Nickles
  • Brianna Smith

Elementary students who helped by contributing ideas included

  • Jayden Arnitz
  • Brandon Baker
  • Noah Bastedo
  • Valerie Buettner
  • Kenadee Carr
  • Trista David
  • Michael Fowler
  • Madison Fremouw
  • Madison Godkin
  • Taylor Gural
  • Elisha Hilfiker
  • Emily Lewis
  • Jessica Lippert
  • Breannah Mills
  • Kaitlynn Mills
  • Haleigh Moore
  • Peyton Nolin
  • Nicole Rotondo
  • Chance Salveggi
  • Sigourney Secor
  • Allison Payne
  • Rebeckah Zsembery

Students, whether they just submitted an idea or participated in the actual creation of the mural, have something to be proud of.  The finished mural is a welcoming reminder of the values and mission of our school district and provides evidence that collaboration between students, of all ages, can result in something great and memorable.  

Winners of the 2011 Clyde-Savannah Art Exhibition

Click here to view the slide show.

Clyde Trolley Station Mural Completed

 Clyde Trolley Station

By: Sarah Bastedo (grade 12), Morgan Carroll (grade 12) Mitchell Checho (grade 10), Kendra Garrett (grade 11), Kimberly Gill (grade 12), Susan Lane (teacher), Brianna Smith (grae 10), Alan Wisniewski (grade 12), and James Zeger (teacher).

This mural, completed in June 2011, will be installed on the outside wall of the Clyde library. The dedication will be conducted some time in late June.

VFW Mural

For a larger view, see the image below.

After three long months of hard work we completed the mural.  The Independent Art Class has been working on a mural at the Clyde VFW. Last summer Mr. King and Morgan Carroll began the mural by painting the centerpiece image of the eagle and flags. In October, Sarah Bastedo, Morgan Carroll, Kimberly Gill, Camden Rattray, Brianna Smith, Alan Wisniewski, Lexi Hughes, and Mrs. Lane added the rest.

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