Thank You, Voters!

Thank You, Voters!
Posted on 05/22/2019
logoThank you to all who came out to vote on May 21. We are pleased to report that all propositions passed. Congratulations to Richard (Dick) Drahms and David Secor, who were re-elected to the Board of Education, and to Sue DiSanto, who was elected. Full results are listed below:

Proposition 1 (Budget): 269 yes, 54 no

Proposition 2 (Bus Purchase): 281 yes, 41 no           

Proposition 3 (Transportation Reserve): 267 yes, 54 no 

Proposition 4 (Student Ex-Officio Member): 298 yes, 21 no 

Board of Education Members:  Number of votes


David Secor        180

Sue DiSanto        161

Richard Drahms 197

Tiffany Garofono 114

Melanie Geil  141


Write Ins:

Tom Liseno   2

Fred Baker  7

Mark Fowler 1

Patrick Crowe 1

Matt Barr 1

Karen Langworthy 1