Students participate in Special Olympics

Students participate in Special Olympics
Posted on 05/29/2019
Students pose with their ribbons at Special Olympics.

The Clyde-Savannah Central School District community pitched in to make the Wayne-Finger Lakes Special Olympics memorable for all the students who participated. 20 students from Clyde-Savannah Elementary School and Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School participated in various track events and competed against other districts from the region. The event was held at the Bloomfield Central School District athletic complex.

Adults and students at Clyde-Savannah were committed to increasing the district’s involvement in this year’s Special Olympics. Staff members ordered lunches, distributed permission slips, and recorded qualifying times for various events for registration. Staff members who played a role in Special Olympics were Chris Nicol (Interim Director of Special Education), Melanie Cerra (Middle School counselor), Megan Furman (Grade 6-12 School Psychologist), Pete Seidel (High School Special Education teacher), and Amy Jo Ryan (Elementary School Special Education teacher). Students in the art club designed the Special Olympics shirts. A group of Clyde-Savannah adults and students attended the event to serve as chaperones and volunteers. They also assisted in set-up and tear-down of materials.

Upon arrival, Clyde-Savannah attendees took part in opening ceremonies and marched on the track alongside the other districts. After opening ceremonies, students participated in track events, the softball throw, and other competitions in the athletic complex and gymnasium.

Participants received a ribbon after each event and were all smiles as thousands of spectators cheered them on throughout the day.