Immunization Requirements for Students Entering 6th Grade Letter

Immunization Requirements for Students Entering 6th Grade


New York State Law Section 2164 requires certain immunizations to enter 6th grade and attend school.  Please check your child’s records to be sure that he/she has the following:


Tdap Vaccine – 1 dose


Tdap offers adolescents and adults protection against three serious diseases: tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough).  A dose of Tdap received at 7 years of age or older will meet this requirement.


If your child does not have the Tdap booster, contact your child’s doctor or Wayne County Public Health to make an appointment.  It is important to get an early start on updating your child’s immunizations before the next school year begins. 


Written proof from a physician of receipt of this immunization is required to be presented to the District prior to entry into the school building for the 6th grade school year to avoid exclusion.  This document may be received either by mail, fax or dropped off at the main office. 


Just a friendly reminder, as your child will be required to receive the Meningococcal Vaccine in 7th grade, we recommend that you check with your child’s health care provider about including this vaccine as well at the time of your appointment. 


Any questions please feel free to call,


Mrs. Smart RN Middle/ High School Nurse           


Mrs. Edwards, LPN Clyde Savannah Elementary School Nurse

315-903-3100 ext. 2