PR & Student Photo Information

Communications Program Mission and Vision:

Clyde-Savannah is a community steeped in history, tradition, and most of all, pride. Clyde-Savannah hopes that implementing a robust communications program will engage, inform, and inspire those who depend on us for important information about our schools. Through use of a variety of communications tools spanning news coverage, web content, photography, email, text messaging, mobile apps, and print publications, we will provide the community with information that is reliable, transparent, and accurate.

Student Photography Frequently Asked Questions

We take several photographs at school events and choose a handful which best illustrate the spirit of school events for publication. Locations most often include the Clyde-Savannah website, as well as social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. We occasionally submit photos of community interest to local newspapers.

Will my child’s name be attached to the picture?
Not always. If the District publishes a photo of a student on a social media page or on the District website, their name and photo will not appear together unless they are the subject of the story. In small group photo situations, it is the practice to caption students in alphabetical order instead of left to right as an added layer of privacy.

What about Honor Roll, Awards Recipients, and Graduation?
Each building frequently recognizes students for their academic and social development. These stories are published in local newspapers and make great keepsakes for students and their families. In these situations, all names will be published.

What about large group photos?
As we do not caption staged or candid large group photos, the opt-out process does not apply to situations where students are gathered in large groups such as on the bleachers, in the auditorium, or at graduation ceremonies.

What about media produced by private individuals at public events?
With the widespread use of mobile digital and electronic media, Clyde-Savannah cannot control the actions of private individuals or organizations that are not part of or connected to Clyde-Savannah at school-related activities open to the public (i.e. athletic events, music concerts, school plays, graduations, awards ceremonies, art openings, and others). Student participants and spectators may be recorded, filmed, photographed, audiotaped, or videotaped.

I frequently take photos at school events. May I send them to you?
Absolutely! We welcome all media submissions for our archives and always provide photo credit when we use pictures by community members. Please email for more information.



Clyde-Savannah is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with the community through exciting advances in media and technology. Communications aims to share all of the positive events happening throughout our District, as well as address school-related concerns with factual information as they arise.

We hope you will take a moment to learn more about the several tools Clyde-Savannah Central School District uses to relay important information to parents, students, faculty, staff, and the community. If you have any questions regarding the communications program in Clyde-Savannah, please contact Public Information Coordinator Stephanie Williams at


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